About Nichole

Ever have that feeling that you have met someone before? You look at them and swear you know them from some place! That’s how I was when I first started to “notice” Nichole. I gazed into her eyes one late night and realized that I “know” her.

This startled me. This is the kind of thing that happens in those mushy love stories. The stories that always end with everything being perfect. “How could this be?” I thought to myself. Surely my inner romantic is not this close to the surface! It if was, my dear, loving, family members would shred me to pieces and never let me live this down.

But it was true. I had met my soul mate. Corny as it may sound, it’s true.

I know that many people can say similar things about their partners. I’m not here to compare or to hype up who we all know she is. I’m here to express who I think Nichole is and why I want to spend the rest of my days with her.

Nichole is the most special person in my life and I can’t easily explain the reasons. Sure I love my children but I’m not talking about that love or those relationships. I am talking about that partner in life that can never be replaced or hidden from the heart.

Nichole has changed me in ways that I did not expect. She unleashed parts of my heart that I had hidden away for many years. She allows me to break free from the ruts that I dug.

Nichole is beautiful, fun and smart. She plays and jokes with me as if we have done it for decades. It never seems to get old. She encourages me to build my relationships that I have with others and helps me do it with a smile. She is the person that I can trust to always try to help me be better. She has my back. She looks out for me.

Nichole shines when she smiles. She takes this love and happiness and starts to spread it farther than I could ever dream of. She is the friend that many hope to find. She is a caring and loving mother to her children and extends that love to mine. She is the partner that everyone desires to have at their side. Her good nature and positive attitude is felt by many.


OK so I wrote the above BEFORE I read what she wrote for my “About Joe”.

Ladies – Nichole is a bad ass and I love her for it.

Guys – Nichole is the thing that keeps me on time. Lover her for it.

Family – You are right, she is awesome!

Soon to be family – You are right, she is awesome!



We all know her. If you don’t think you do then take the time to get to know her. She will amaze you. If you think you know everything about her, sit down with me for 15 minutes and let me weave the story of the sun and the moon to explain how even more amazing she is.

Nichole is special to many people. Because she is, this explains her core. This explains why I fell in love with my soul mate. Why I know I can be happy forever with her by my side. Why I love my cupcake.