The Motorcycle post that started it all

Posted on FaceBook Dec 12 2011,

I know many won’t understand but I need to share… what does relaxing all day with 2 long naps equal? Me getting on my bike in 34 degrees outside late at night. Taking it nice and slow in town because I can see the ice on the side roads. Getting on the freeway with few cars to share it with. Tucking behind the small windscreen and listen to the engine hum just below my chest. The sound of the road so close to me. Swapping my hands on the bars to warm them near the engine. The lean into a long corner. The short shift in the seat to adjust for the short fast corners. Trying to pull my knees in closer to cut down on the drag. Hugging my tank closer and closer. The feel of the road as it lives beneath me. Feeling it move up and down, sway side to side. Watching the glowing of the lines flash by me. The light show of all the different shapes of the tail lights and turn signals. Flashing by a sanding truck as he preps for the early commuters. Pulled over and had a cup of hot chocolate and had a warm conversation with the waitress and a customer at a small coffee shop. Get a few “ride safe’s” from them and turned around for the ride back. Thinking that I’m going to get home and it will be done. So think of alternate safe routes. None came to mind because of the chance for ice so take the same trip home. But this time road just a bit slower. I didn’t want it to end. There is this feeling I can’t explain about how much I love to ride. I drive a car and I can’t feel the car and I can’t feel “it”. I ride a bike and I can feel everything on the bike and I feel “it”. Everyone has a passion, some of us go through our lives wishing they could have it. Some wish they could find it. I found mine and don’t want to let it go.

- Joe

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