Why the Singing Butler

So we wanted to explain why we have a bunch of pictures of us all over Seattle with our friends, Joe and Christina Hughes in the same pose as the oil-on-canvas painting, The Singing Butler by Scottish painter Jack Vettriano. This is easy for me so I get the task of explaining it to you.

Nichole has this large Singing Butler painting in her room. She loves the romanticism of the painting and imagines the couple just wanting to be together after a formal affair and taking time to enjoy the summer breeze on the beach. About a year ago I was asking Nichole if she would ever like to recreate the Singing Butler painting. Knowing how much she loves it, I already knew the answer. But I was shocked with the lack of enthusiasm I got from her. She kindly said, “don’t ask me to dream about something like that if you don’t plan to fulfill your promise.” Well, I had every intention to fulfill that promise.

A short time later with how our love was growing, I knew that I wanted to be with her for the rest of my life. I couldn’t think of a better way to propose to her than while shooting the picture of the Singing Butler. Over the course of the summer, we playfully toyed with looking for dresses and thinking of places to shoot it. Then, the busy summer swamped us and then it quickly swung into a warm fall. Things were not progressing how I had planned but I knew I could not rush this.

In October of 2012, I asked my stepdad, Dick Arnette, if I could have his blessing to marry Nichole. He openly wept with tears of joy. He had been praying for that day and he and my mother gave me their blessing. I knew I wanted to share the wedding day with Dick but I knew I had a “story” to give to Nichole. I was torn as I watched Dick’s health deteriorate. My heart was breaking. Later that next month we visited Dick for Thanksgiving. There on his bed we talked for a few hours, just him, I and God.  I told him of my “story” I wanted to give to Nichole. He reached down and held my hand and said. “I may not be there in the flesh but I will be there in the spirit looking down on the two of you.” Dick knew I had to do this right. Dick left us in early December, but I had no doubt he would be there with us, watching and laughing alongside us on that beautiful sunshiny day.

Winter came and so did the holidays. After my birthday I put my plans into high gear. I wanted to get this thing moving. I wanted Nichole to have her “story” and to bask in that glow. Operation Singing Butler was a go! Although things came up and we had to make changes to the plan…such as the front fairing falling off my bike at 80 miles an hour, the Train Station being under construction and the 4 inches of snow we woke up to the morning before, we learned that we can work together and we can make it work. We found out we’re a good team and that we have great friends who will do Anything for us…Thanks Joe and Christina. It wouldn’t have been the same without you and thanks to my friend, Tiffany Ramsden for her help with coordination. You kept us right on time!

THIS is why we are posing for the Singing Butler in different locations throughout Seattle. I had a promise to keep and a proposal to make. :)

I hope you enjoy the pictures of The Singing Butler.

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